The 2024 Applied Geodynamics Laboratory Annual Meeting be held on Thursday–Friday, November 7-8, 2024. 

Slide Set 42 from the 2023 Applied Geodynamics Laboratory Annual Meeting is available in the Member's Area.

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On March 1, 2024 at 9 AM, Mike Hudec gave a talk at the Bureau's Friday Seminar Series entitled "Salt-Detached Thrusting near the Eratosthenes “Seamount”, Eastern Mediterranean – Seismic Interpretation and Physical Modeling"





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Piotr Krzywiec (from the Institute of Geological Sciences, Warsaw and member of the Polish Academy of Sciences) was visiting Juan I. Soto in Granada (February, 25 to 28) to discuss the internal structure and the seismic expression of some mobile-shale structures in Poland.


Nanjing University


Juan I. Soto and Michael Hudec concluded their Asian tour on February 2 by visiting Nanjing University. Juan and Mike gave presentations on shale tectonics, and discussed opportunities for collaborative research with NJU staff.



Wuxi Institiute



On February 1, Juan I. Soto and Michael Hudec visited the Wuxi Institute of Petroleum Geology. Juan and Mike gave several presentations on mobile shales, and were given a tour of the Institute's extensive laboratories.




The Geologic Society

Juan I. Soto and Mike Hudec participated with various colleagues from ExxonMobil in a conference organized by The Geological Society in London, from January 31 to February 1, 2024. The ExxonMobil colleagues gave a talk presenting some of the results on shale mobility and salt structures in the Levant Basin. More information about the event can be seen here and here.  

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Juan I. Soto and Michael Hudec visited the Sinopec offices in Beijing on January 30. While there, Juan and Mike gave several presentations on mobile shale, and were treated to a tour of the Sinopec laboratories.



Journal of Structural Geology

New publication: 

Tim P. Dooley, Michael R. Hudec, Evaluating controls on deformation patterns and styles in the salt-detached Sureste Basin, southern gulf of Mexico: Insights from physical models, Journal of Structural Geology, Volume 179, 2024,105046, ISSN 0191-8141,





Michael Hudec and Juan I. Soto visited CNOOC International in Beijing on January 26. Mike and Juan gave a series of lectures on salt and shale tectonics, and then discussed salt and mobile-shale interpretations in the South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.






Michael Hudec and Juan I. Soto visited RIPED (the research company for China National Petroleum Corporation) in Beijing on January 22-25. They discussed salt and shale detachments in the Sichuan basin, and Mike taught a short course in salt tectonics. 





Michael Hudec and Juan I. Soto visited PTTEP in Bangkok, Thailand on January 18-19 to discuss salt tectonics and shale tectonics in several basins. PTTEP is in the process of joining the AGL consortium, and we welcome our newest member company! 







Michael Hudec and Juan I. Soto recently completed AGL's first-ever visit to Vietnam, working with PetroVietnam on January 15-16. While there, Mike and Juan discussed mobile shales in the Song Hong basin, offshore Vietnam.




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Mike Hudec visited Petronas in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on January 11 and 12. The group discussed salt tectonics in the Campos basin, Brazil and shale tectonics in the Sabah basin, offshore Borneo.




GeoScience Australia



Michael Hudec visited the offices of Geoscience Australia in Canberra, Australia on January 9 to discuss ideas for collaboration on salt tectonics and hydrogen storage in Australia salt basins.



Central Petroleum


On January 5, Mike Hudec visited Central Petroleum in Brisbane, Australia, to discuss ideas for joint research on salt tectonics in the Amadeus Basin, central Australia.

Landscape of study area

New publication:

2024 | Soto, J.I., M.D. Tranos, Z. Bega, T.P. Dooley, P. Hernández, M.R. Hudec, P.A. Konstantopoulos, E. Lula, K. Nikolaou, R. Pérez, J.P. Pita, J.A. Titos, C. Tzimeas, and A. Herra Sánchez de Movellán, Contrasting styles of salt-tectonic processes in the Ionian Zone (Greece and Albania): Integrating surface geology, subsurface data, and experimental models. Tectonics, 43/1, e2023TC008104, doi:10.1029/2023TC008104.


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