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The Applied Geodynamics Laboratory (AGL) is dedicated to producing innovative new concepts in salt tectonics and shale tectonics. This research comprises a mix of physical and mathematical modeling and seismic-based mapping and structural-stratigraphic analysis of some of the world's most spectacular sedimentary basins.

Established in 1988, the AGL is funded by a consortium of oil companies and supported by numerous software and seismic vendors.

AGL research focuses on a complete range of salt-tectonic and shale-tectonic styles, including extensional, contractional and strike-slip systems. Furthermore, our research in salt tectonics incorporates modeling internal structures in salt domes, to help de-risk placement caverns for storage of hydrogen, petroleum, or other materials.

The AGL is widely considered the among the world's leaders in research on both salt tectonics and shale tectonics. Concepts and terminology pioneered by AGL have had a profound influence and are widely disseminated throughout the oil industry.

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